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L: Lesbian, G: Gay, B: Bisexual, T: Transgender, transsexual, and two-spirit
Q: Queer and questioning.

About Pridebow


L: Lesbian
G: Gay
B: Bisexual
T: Transgender, transsexual, and two-spirit
Q: Queer and questioning


RAINBOW TOKEN is programmed to reward holders while increasing in both liquidity and value.
It does this by applying a

11% tax on transactions
3% goes to holders (instantly and gaslessly)
2% is auto-locked to liquidity (forever)
Forever Deflationary supply/burn

We burned 2% of the total supply after launch and sent it to a black hole address; as this address also participates in the protocol, it accumulates more tokens, thereby effectively removing them from circulation. There is no limit to the burn, the black hole will keep growing, increasing the scarcity of RAINBOW.

Auto-locking liquidity

3% of each transaction is locked to liquidity forever. This contributes to less volatility and a continuously increasing price floor.


100% safe

LP tokens were burned thereby locking initial liquidity away forever. Fair distribution without whales. Active and engaged team, ready to answer any questions.



Q2 2021 Safe Launch(Liquidity locked) )

Q2 2021 In progress Initial Token & LP burn


Q2 2021 In progress Whitepaper & Website launch


Q2 2021 In progress Listing on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap


Q2 2021 In progress Community growth



We’ll make our first donation to the Trevor Project at 250 holders 🚀

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Our Milestone Project


The Pride Bow

100% Steady Growth
  • Stealth Launched
  • Community Driven Token
  • Dev Wallet of 4% for token growth

The Pride Bow

100% Steady Growth
  • 3% Distribution to holders
  • 3% For marketing/charity/burn wallet to grow the token exponentially
  • 3% to Liquidity
  • 2% Automatic Burn

What Our Members Say

I love the team work on the platform, it inspires me. TO THE MOON PRIDE BOW!!!
No regret ever since, i love the ride. Go Pride Bow.....
I must confess, it's a platform for growth, i came in as a member, now i am part of this growing team, PRIDE BOW in the Move!!!
Joining this Platform has never been a regret, we are not relenting, we keep pushing till we succeed.
It's a fast growing platform, i have ever come across. LET'S DO MORE PRIDE BOW.
Richard(Trans Dev)

Need Help?


Likely questions and answers

Yes we currently have Ruby, one of our lead marketers and community managers.

Harry: Another Community Manager.

Simeon: Our website Developer

(These above are who we hired)

Our Original Team:

Richard: The developer

Seong: Head of Marketing

Amanda: Our resident slut, who is helping seong with marketing and managing the contract.

So in total we have 6 people


LGBTQQIP2SAA is a personal project that really just hits at, it was made in dedication to our friend who passed away a couple years ago. We tend not to mention it as it brings back painful emotions, but yeah, We are donating to TREVOR, which is a hotline For LGBTQ+ to call if they are ever feeling alone.

The Dev role is to contract developers and deployer, and overall the activities done, He gathers everyone together and get things done.

2. Rainbow token is a contract which supplies half the liquidity fee into a charity/marketing/buybackburn fund that we have us used to buyback and burn. Quite alot of bnbs worth of tokens, as well as adding 4bnb with a generous donation of another4 to our liquidity, which has been burned. There is also an automatic burn fee, and a reflection fee which rewards holders, while also heloping us develop , help charity, and have a lovely time.

They are the same. LGBTQQIP2SAA is just for the Igbtq community, it means Lesbian, gay,bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, pansexual, 2 Spirit, asexual and ally.


Rainbow is just an easier way of spelling/typing it. Also Rainbows are gay.

You help charity. You help your own wallet by the burns, automatic and manual, as  well as the reflection which means just by holding you earn part of the transaction fee. A reward will be karma, money. We take community ideas for what directions to take the project. We also have airdrops planned.

Currently we are working with a major marketing partner, who actually got us the AMA and has been doing really fantastic.

We are in talks with other community leaders and are looking to have a few platforms for our cause.

We have talks with some major influencers who are watching the project and giving us feedbacks.

Other than that , we are open for suggestions on future partnerships and ways we can take this to the next level.

We plan on a fewyears of endless possibilities. Human ingenuity, is limitless, without a doubt. we will publish our roadmap, which will have communtiy suggestions as the heart of our evolution. We want to take this in the direction of love and progress.

We want to partner with moreLGBTQ communities and influencers, and eventually, we would like to do way bigger things, such as fighting for LGBTQ rights and changing the world, using our community reach, towards a more progressive, productive, equal, and loving place.

Our main challenge is the reach and scope of our team, as well as exposure. We are also running into paywalls but were scrapping up funds to keep pushing.With our website, as well as twitter campaigns, a amedium which is coming soon, a contract audit to help ease the community more, and more buybacks and burns.


On top of our marketters, influencers, and celebrity cameos, with the community spreading words to other investors, we canreally make a difference together